We design and build applications and web sites for our clients.

We start with understanding requirements to design the architecture  and quickly move into fast paced workshops and rapid prototyping, allowing everyone to get involved in the process. The  architecture phase captures requirements, explores commercial and technological possibilities and allows us to create the best solution. Our process is fast, agile and gets everyone excited about the possibilities.

After the initial workshops we quickly begin to create interactive prototypes for websites, mobile apps and web applications, allowing customers to realise their visions very quickly. Our HotSpot prototypes rapidly visualise what your application will look like. This approach allows customers to engage with investors or the senior team with a tangible asset before a line of code is written. Following this phase we break the modules down into feature sets so we can provide accurate costs and outline the technical infrastructure.

Our process is the perfect balance between traditional waterfall and modern agile methodology. Clients love our approach as it keeps deliverables, costs and quality in check and stakeholders in control. Our pride is that we cover the whole project lifecycle including requirements analysis, software development, testing, hosting and support. Our strength is our experience in understanding how organisations work, why they do what they do, and why internal controls are important. We talk technical but in English (and French) and we regard our technical team as the most creative people in the world.

We follow our VieSix agile methodology:

         + Discovery meetings and iterations to agree business and development needs and ideas;
         + HotSpot prototype images to agree how the application will work;
         + Storyboard video and commentary to be sure;
         + Schedule sprint development milestones
         + Delivery of ready to test deployment functions in each sprint.

We work in the Linux environment using PHP, MySQL and Java and use the Laravel and Codeignitor frameworks. We also work in iOS and Android environments.