Our media training delivers individuals who are more confident about giving interviews for TV, radio, print or online.  We help you become more confident about representing yourself and your organisation in the best possible light. We help you raise the profile of you and your organisation in a positive way. In our team we have a consultant with years of experience of working in the media and in training senior people in very large organisations.Whether you are a beginner wanting an introduction to the media, a professional wanting to prepare for a particular interview or a CEO having to handle a high profile crisis our training will be directed at your needs in your location.

Your training session will:

  • Help you work out the essential questions you should ask before agreeing to any interview
  • Explain how journalists think and what they are looking for
  • Guide you on how to make journalists more interested in what you have to say
  • Help you deal with nerves
  • Anticipate the most difficult questions
  • Give you tactics to help you communicate what you want to say
  • Prepare you to make the most of the interview
  • Explain the importance of body language for TV